Temporary halt of serfdom, enter wanderlust.

In mid June, I discarded my meaningless job for the hopes of building a new life in which I survive without the puppet strings of retail serfdom.  With the money I’ve saved, I spent the next couple months, selling off as much of my art work as possible and discarding at least 3/4 of my possessions.  It’s already been a cleansing experience.

I also began participating more actively in couchsurfing, an awesome service from www.couchsurfing.com, in which I have so far met two amazing people.  My experiences with them have already helped expand my perception of the world to something I deem far more accurate than I previously had.

Currently, I’m spending many hours of online shopping and reading reviews for camping items I need on my trip.  This is actually pretty painful but necessary.  Quickly upon researching small camp stoves, I decided to go with a hobo stove.  There is a great short video on YouTube that was quite inspiring.  I will be making this awesome contraption during my family visit in Northern NY next week.


3 thoughts on “Temporary halt of serfdom, enter wanderlust.

    • Thanks for helping her out with that, Rick. Also, I’m glad she got the initial funk off the stove before trying to cook & eat food off of Henry. Test runs are a necessary and great idea! – j

      • yes,,,Funk isnt always a good thing!! we had fun for sure,,and we did try to toast some yucky mellows,Henry is quite a guy,,,i even have a video of that rest run,,,

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