The time has come

I had a tremendously perfect last day in Burlington.  Jon and I took his canoe out to my favorite place, Lone Rock Point, where I have spent countless hours roaming around the cedar trees, climbing the walls of ancient rocks, and being tossed by the most energetic waves one can find from Lake Champlain.  The sun was out but it wasn’t particularly warm; the UVM sailing crowd was clustered together like moths drinking from a puddle.  The water was relatively cold but after rowing and climbing around it was pretty refreshing.  Couldn’t have been more perfect.

We had a nice night out with friends; met Corri and Jen at our last comedy night together after stuffing ourselves at my favorite Indian restaurant in town and then with a huge ice cream cone from Bluebird Coffee Shop.  Love it.  It all seems very ordinary but it feels great to be surrounded with people you love and who make you feel beautiful for being who you are and vice versa.  Especially right before venturing off into the unknown to walk the world in search of, well, everything.

I have my trip pretty planned, a little too planned.  But I do want to escape winter and this week in Burlington proves its quickly on my heels.  I want to be open to any potential change though, to really maximize my experiences.  That was the whole point in the first place.  Ironically, I fear my anxiety will get in the way of gaining the life I crave.  Hopefully, when I get on the road tomorrow much of my anxiety will lift.  Right now,  it feels a little like the night before starting a new job or a new year of school.

Thanks to all of my amazing friends and family who have been so supportive and loving.  And even though I’m headed off in a different direction right now, you are what makes life worth living.  I will never be far from any of you.

Enough of that! Tomorrow morning, I will begin with a nice long day of driving and some Spanish lessons downloaded from my first fancy new ipod and arrive in Rochester, NY in the evening to visit with a couple high school friends.  Best way to start a new adventure is a quick trip to the past.

And thus it begins…


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