The Bridge that binds us to ourselves; destination Rochester, NY accomplished

It was a beautiful drive today.  I had a rather nostalgic moment as I watched the “Welcome to Vermont” sign at the temporary Lake Champlain ferry get smaller and smaller.  I felt the past few years of living in Vermont take their final place among the memories and experiences that have made such an impact on me.  The new bridge looks amazing.  There is a beautifully simple arch in the middle that ends in the two points that prop it up below the water.  The metal looks like cold unfinished steel and is as elegant as it gets.  If Audrey Hepburn could be made into a bridge, she would look like this.  The photo below is an image I found on the internet of the bridge.  Far more impressive in person.

As I went over the bridge, I realized my anxiety from last night has completely diminished.  I felt myself genuinely smile, knowing that this trip was the only decision I could have made for myself at this moment that would fit for life.  The GPS decided to take me through the Adirondacks which was quite fine.  It took a hour longer than it said it would but it was a warm sunny day and the pockets of mountain lakes around every winding corner felt appropriately familiar.  The leaves are almost ready for leafpeeping season; they’re beginning to fall but not enough to smell them in the air.  Maybe another week or so.  I think I’ll be seeing that in the Midwest this year.

So far, I’ve had a lovely evening with my high school friend, Sandy, and her husband and son.  Sandy and I had an extensive and really refreshing religious discussion that made me remember those days when I was still quite uncertain about my spiritual beliefs and she was there to battle it out with me.  We came to different conclusions in the end but I really cherish the open dialogue and the truly caring and honest quality of our conversation this evening and our conversations then.  Honestly, I don’t think we are so different.  We are all human and as different as we seem, we’re all still quite similar.  That’s what makes us able to connect across all various labels.


One thought on “The Bridge that binds us to ourselves; destination Rochester, NY accomplished

  1. LOL! Don’t get your hopes up about leaf-peeping in the midwest. It’s a completely different kind of fall.
    I’m so happy that your voyage has started on a solid note! May the road rise up to meet you … and all that shite. I *know* it will.
    Ask me about the conversation I had with my mom about your trip during our next call.
    In the meantime, drive safe, stop for a beautiful vista -and- either be good or be good at it.
    Hugs, – j

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