Rolling over 1000 miles; driving through Indiana and south through Ohio

I had a rather relaxing drive from Grand Rapids to Cincinnati yesterday.  Near Kalamazoo, I reached 1000 miles in my car since the beginning of my journey.  For some reason, it felt like a milestone.

Heading south through Indiana and Ohio, I witnessed some of the most expansive corn and soybean fields I’d ever seen.  There wasn’t anything interesting on the radio really and I didn’t feel like listening to podcasts so my journey was mostly in contemplative silence.  I felt very comfortable with all that space on either side of me.  Oddly enough, I felt somewhat coddled by those fields; I felt warmed by the sun bouncing off the leaves and the sky so high and covered in clouds.

Although one amusing moment I have to share as I came across one of the many Christian radio stations: A man’s voice yelled at himself, “Quit studdering!” to which a woman replied, “You know, honey, Moses had a speech problem…”  Wow.  I think I probably said that out loud.  No one was there to hear it, other than my companion plant, which I had secured into the top of my bag so it could get more sunlight.  It is likely the best traveled plant in recent history.

Just before reaching the Ohio border on rt 30 in Indiana, I saw a sign for a flea market.  I wish I had seen it early enough to stop because it advertised “GUNS” and then “ANIMALS.”  There was something quite compelling about that.

I was excited to see a massive field of wind turbines just over the Ohio border and a couple amish buggies.  Those were the last few notable sites before reaching Cincinnati.  I got in early and met Rose, my couchsurfing host.  She lives in an amazing historic house which I have to take photos of later when I spend more time on the fantastic architecture of the city.  The entrance hall has a fully armored knight standing guard near the staircase.  I’ve been informed his name is Lenny.


3 thoughts on “Rolling over 1000 miles; driving through Indiana and south through Ohio

  1. You like wind turbines? The first and only time I have seen them was when me and Aaron went to Livermore, CA. There was a huge field of them over the hills (with cows). They are quite amazing.

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