Another Queen City; destination Cincinnati, Ohio accomplished

The night I met Rose we went downtown to a couple of her favorite bars.  We went to Japp’s, an awesome old bar from 1879 that specializes in crafting new and classic cocktails.  It was a gorgeous place; it had a warm smell of cigars which I like to imagine seeped out of the woodwork from decades past.  Neon’s was a nice bar, a little more low key, with an outdoor enclosed patio and teams of people playing giant Jenga or bocce.

The next morning we went to Findlay Market, which is a large farmers-type market but is open everyday except Mondays.  Rose bought a few spices and a couple items from an awesomely strange Asian shop.  I had the best sample of a strawberry cupcake.  Was so amazing I wish I had bought a full one.  It still haunts me two days later.  I need to figure out how to make one of those.

Later, I wanted to walk around town a little bit and soak in the amazing architecture.  If you’re passionate about architecture or historic preservation, Cincinnati is the place to be.  It’s really unfortunate however that there isn’t funding to keep a lot of these beautiful buildings intact so like Cleveland, there are large sections of the city that are desolate.  I found myself a little obsessed so I found a couple great websites illustrating the types of buildings in Cincinnati and a library site of countless old images of buildings.

We spent the next day driving around the various neighborhoods again to see all the different buildings and search for graffiti.  The neighborhoods are interesting as they are their own little pockets with their own downtown business section.  They aren’t like average suburbs.  We walked around Northside and found a number of great murals.  Images are in the street art section.

During my stay in Cincinnati,  I realized how difficult it is to get a real sense of a place in just a day or two.  I really enjoyed the look of the city but as far as what it’s like to live there, I couldn’t safely answer that.  I think I got a good sense of Cleveland when I was there because I spent so much time on my own exploring and talking to locals.  In Cincinnati, I had limited interaction with strangers and didn’t take off on my own.  I did however get to meet Rose’s neighbor, Wes, who knows quite a bit about the architecture of the city and has a roommate who is obsessed with collecting washer and dryer machines.  So my visit was not without color.


3 thoughts on “Another Queen City; destination Cincinnati, Ohio accomplished

  1. ahhhhh WKRP,,,sure the meant CRAP,,lol,,,what a great sarcastic sitcom!! They were way ahead of the times,,like when the ppl got trampled at the Who concxert there,,they did a show that week abt it,,,,and who can forget the thanksgiving promo wkrp did,,dropping live turkeys from an airplane,,LOL<,,didnt go over well!!!

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