Hugs and hoops in Indy; destination Indianapolis, IN accomplished

My stay in Indianapolis has been much more people oriented than city oriented.  My lovely couchsurfing host, Sarah, was wonderful.  We clicked immediately and we’ve spent a lot of time together in the last couple of days.  We kept it pretty laidback; she is pregnant and due in 6 weeks so we didn’t push it.  I really enjoyed our conversations and the afternoon she spent teaching me to hula hoop in the park.

Later in the day, Sarah’s other couchsurfer, Arnold, came out from Philadelphia.  We went to Lockerbie’s to meet a group of couchsurfers in the area so we got to meet a lot of other interesting people.  I enjoyed a couple Negra Modello and my first taste of fried pickles.  Afterwards, we went to the bar, Mousetrap, with of few people.  Oddly enough, there were people hula hooping on the dance floor as well as spinning glowing poi.

I met a lovely quirky artist that just recently moved to Indy, a conservatively-dressed introvert from Milwaukee that broke out of his shell with the greatest off-color jokes and an engineer from Belarus that designs car engines.

I got a horrible night sleep last night and I’ve got the sniffles so I’ve taken it really slow today.  Arnold had a job interview this morning; Sarah and I met him for lunch at a local Indian buffet before he had to go to the airport.  Sarah went to work at 4 and I pushed myself to take a long walk along Massachusetts Ave, which has a bunch of public art and artsy shops.  I really enjoyed the large brick head sculpture; each brick was custom shaped and the structure was rigged with the subtle sounds of construction.  Was quite interesting.

I haven’t seen much of the city honestly.  But I am very happy to have met all the people I had the opportunity to meet over the last couple of days.  Sarah is a complete sweetheart, intelligent and passionate and self-assured.  I really appreciated hearing her thoughts on life.  Every new perspective is life altering. Hugs to couchsurfers everywhere; they are amazing people.





5 thoughts on “Hugs and hoops in Indy; destination Indianapolis, IN accomplished

  1. On my recent drive back from New Mexico, Indianapolis seemed like a major impediment on my last day’s drive from Villa Ridge, MO to Cleveland Heights. But I’ve always meant to visit it sometime. It was Booth Tarkington’s home town. I don’t know if his books will interest you, but he was a wonderful early 20th century American novelist. A fictional, unnamed Midwest city based on Indianapolis features in many of them, e.g., The Magnificent Ambersons, The Turmoil. I really love his use of local color and poetic descriptions of Indianapolis and Indiana, which, at their finest, remind me of Carl Sandburg.

    • Thanks for the compelling comment! I did a little research this morning on Booth Tarkington and read the first chapter of The Turmoil which is available online for free from what I can tell. So far, I definitely like his language.

      • Most of his major novels are available for free online from Project Gutenberg, with the exception of his most popular and perhaps best written one, The Magnificent Ambersons. Although, The Turmoil remains one of my favorites along with it. I also enjoyed The Gentleman From Indiana, which is not centered on Indianapolis. All of these feature, let us say, non-stereotypical and challenging male-female relationships.
        My father first introduced me to Booth Tarkington when I was in elementary or junior high with Penrod, which is more like Tom Sawyer kind of read. Hilarious in places.

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