Adopted in Omaha; destination Omaha, NE accomplished

The last couple of days have gone by very quickly staying with Jeanne’s sister and her family.  I spent a few hours away each day but I quite content to spend the majority of my time with them.  It’s not often I get covered in kid love so I have to say as annoying as it was at times to have a 3 year old girl stuck to me it was also rather heartwarming and fun.  I wouldn’t say I normally have that effect on children but maybe that’s just lack of experience.  It was definitely fun playing with her and her older brother.  They were pretty excitable and very easy to get along with.  They are not shy at all.

I also got to meet Jeanne’s mother which was very nice to finally put a face to the name.  Jeanne has been through the process of meeting my family so it was good to conclude the rest of the adoptive process.  Her family was just as embracing as mine was to her, if not more actually.

The few hours I spent on my own yesterday I went to the Old Market section of the city.  It was quite pretty with its cobblestone streets, art galleries, restaurants and import shops.  In the Passageway, which I’ve added an image of here, there are a couple hidden sculptural treasures as well.  I had a couple slices of pizza and a great conversation with the manager at Zio’s.  He was a handsome Mexican with a nearly diminished accent who had some interesting insights on the growing movement of L.A. gangs to Omaha, the reason he had emigrated to Nebraska in the first place.  I appreciate the diversity here.  Omaha is a big city but still you don’t think of Nebraska and think of diversity.  It was refreshing but I imagine for this man it has a growing malicious connotation.

Today I spent most of the day with Jeanne’s family, enjoying good old fashion kid time.  We went to the park and had good cupcakes before I took a quick detour around town.  I ran into a great spot of street art on 10th street, see the street art section for those, they’re great.

I definitely like the feel of the city here.  The architecture is reminiscent of Cincinnati though many of the buildings are significantly smaller.  There are still gargantuan old homes here but the smaller homes show as much attention to detail in their conception.  I’ve added a photo I found on the web showing the unique sloped roof from my favorite type of house here.  Very fun homes.


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