Lazy in Kona

We started the day yesterday taking the dogs back to Koloko; we went a bit farther into the pasture at the end speckled with guava and silver oak. We spent the afternoon relaxing at the beach. Stephanie and I snorkeled a bit and got to swim next to a sea turtle. I love watching the reef fish picking food around the coral.

In the evening, Stephanie made fish stir fry and amazing margaritas full of tequila and lilikoi. Cori and I cackled manically all the way through dinner preparation. It was definitely a fun, silly evening.

We had a really lazy day today. Cori wasn’t feeling great so we relaxed at Stephanie’s for awhile. Later, Cori and I went downtown to explore the shops along the waterfront, her old haunting ground. There were all sorts of tourist shops full of overpriced loud floral shirts and dresses, magnets and postcards. A couple jewelry kiosks specializing in pearls and lava rock. A rock and mineral shop covered in signs “Please Do Not Touch, Ask for Assistance.” A small coffee and ice cream shop run by a pleasant woman from Eureka, CA; she had just moved to the island in the past year and was quite happy. We went home and Corri made fish tacos while we drank Gin and Tonics and carried on as usual.

Cori and I planned to take a bit of a road trip tomorrow so we took a couple days of relaxing.


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